B1A4 debut in 2011 and that's mean they're rookie group in music industry. They're one of my favorite group. And Baro (ChaSunwoo) is my bias in B1A4

Absolute Qualities

MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) is the best group I ever know. Ugh, I can't say anything. They're just awesome. My one-zero-one-five, they ruined my life for sure.


Inspiring comic, recommended for people who love child!


Powered group, they've power inside their bodies. haha LOL

Bang Cheolyong!

Craziest person ever, and my ultimate bias.

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B1A4 - 걸어 본다 (TRIED TO WALK - Full ver.)

B1A4 - 걸어 본다 (TRIED TO WALK - Full ver.)

[K-Lyrics] B.A.P - 전부 거짓말 (It's All Lie)

sasireun naega motdwaesseo
naega jeongmal nappeun nomiya
namja dabji mothaesseo na
ijewaseo ireoneun naya babe meongcheongi gata jeongmal geobjaengi gata
sarang handan mal hanmadi mothaesseo
ni sarangeul ijen al geot gateunde
naege doraoneun mal
jeonbu geojitmal ijeul su itdan mal
naega neol jeil jal ara jal ara
nuguboda deo jal ara
urin saranghaetjanha
jasin eobtjanha jiul su eobtjanha
nongdamirago yaegihae yaegihae
jangnanirago yaegihae
uneungeo anboini oh babe
ooou woeo why
ooou woeo why
lalalila lalalila lie lie lie lie
ya amureohji anke dareun yeojareul
mannago haendeuponeul kkeonwa
gwichanheun neoui yeonrag deureul
mot bon cheog haetdeon naui geojitmal
mujogeon jeogin sarang geuttaen
micheo alji mothaesseo
dwi dora gal su eobtneun
urin ibyeoriraneun gil wieseo
meongcheongi gata jeongmal geobjaengi gata
sarang handan mal hanmadi mothaesseo
ni sarangeul ijen al geot gateunde
naege doraoneun mal
jeonbu geojitmal ijeul su itdan mal
naega neol jeil jal ara jal ara
nuguboda deo jal ara
urin saranghaetjanha
jasin eobtjanha jiul su eobtjanha
nongdamirago yaegihae yaegihae
jangnanirago yaegihae
uneungeo anboini oh babe
ooou woeo why
ooou woeo why
lalalila lalalila lie lie lie lie
ya amureohji anke niga naui soneul
dasi han beon jaba jundamyeon
gipeun neoui maeumui sangcheo
deureul jeonbu da amulge hago sipeo nan
I can’t let go girl neomu swibge tteonabonaen geol
nan neo eobsin an doel geot gata
jeonbu geojitmal da kkeutiraneun mal
naega neomu miwoseo miwoseo
kkoldo bogiga sireoseo
geunyang han mari janha
jasin eobtjanha jiul su eobtjanha
naega jalhalge gajima gajima
saranghanikka gajima
uneungeo anboini oh babe
Don’t leave me babe
ooou woeo why
ooou woeo why
lalalila lalalila lie lie lie lie ya
Honestly, I am not a good person
I am really a jerk
Me who couldn’t be a real man
I am like this only now babe
Like a fool like a coward
I couldn’t tell you I loved you
I know feel like I know about your love
The words “come back to me”
The words “everything is a lie, i can forget”
I know you the best, I know you well
I know you better than anyone else
We loved each other
I don’t have the confidence I can’t erase it
Tell me it’s a joke tell me
Tell me it’s a joke
Can’t you see I’m crying oh babe
Oh oh oh woh why
Oh oh oh woh why
Lalalala lalalala lie lie lie lie ya
I turned off my phone while
I was with another woman
Annoyed by your calls,
I lied and pretended I didn’t see them
At that time I didn’t know
about unconditional love
We reached our point of no return,
heading toward our separation
Like a fool like a coward
I couldn’t tell you I loved you
I know feel like I know about your love
The words “come back to me”
The words “everything is a lie, i can forget”
I know you the best, I know you well
I know you better than anyone else
We loved each other
I don’t have the confidence I can’t erase it
Tell me it’s a joke tell me
Tell me it’s a joke
Can’t you see I’m crying oh babe
Oh oh oh woh why
Oh oh oh woh why
Lalalala lalalala lie lie lie lie ya
If you could grab my hand
again like nothing happened
I want to heal all the
deep wounds in your heart
I can’t let go girl I let you go too easily
I don’t think I’ll be able to be without you
The words ‘it’s over’, everything is a lie
You said you hated me hated me
And didn’t even want to see me
Those are just words you said
I don’t have the confidence, I can’t erase it
I will treat you well don’t leave don’t leave
Because I love you don’t leave
Can’t you see me crying oh babe
Don’t leave me babe
Oh oh oh woh why
Oh oh oh woh why
Lalalala lalalala lie lie lie lie ya

Composition: 김기범
Lyrics: 김기범, 방용국
Korean: music.daum
Translation: itsbap.tumblr
Romanization: KyungMi at kromanized

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Cerita Kosong

jemu aku dengar bicaramu
"janji yang tak tertepati
menghentikan waktu"

Sudah hampir 6 tahun engkau bicara
Aku masih disini, menunggu kau selamanya

Kemarin di depan sekolah
kau-ulang cerita

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biar lebih tau, liat sedikit sama muka-mukanya yuk!


Baekhyun/백현 (Byun Baek-hyun/변백현)
BoD : Bucheon, Gyeonggi, Korea Selatan, 6 Mei 1992
Position : Lead Vocalist
Simbol Power : LIGHT (SUN)

Suho/수호 (Kim Joon-myun/김준면)
BoD : Seoul, 22 Mei 1991
Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist
Simbol Power : WATER

Chanyeol/찬열 (Park Chan-yeol/박찬열)
BoD : 27 November 1992
Position : Main Rapper, Vocalist
Simbol Power : FIRE/FLAME (Phoenix)

D.O/디오 (Do Kyung-soo/도경수)
BoD : Goyang, Gyeonggi, Korea Selatan, 12 Januari 1993
Position : Main Vocalist
Simbol Power : EARTH

Kai/카이 (Kim Jong-in/김종인)
BoD : Seoul, 14 Januari 1994
Position : Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
Simbol Power : Teleportation

Sehun/세훈 (Oh Se-hun/오세훈)
BoD : Seoul, 12 April 1994
Position : Lead Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, EXO's Maknae
Simbol Power : WIND

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Bang Cheol Yong!

Name: Bang Cheol Yong
Stage Name: Mir
BoD: 10th March 1991
Position: Maknae, Main rapper
Height/Weight: 178 cm/60 kg
Do: dancing, make some jokes

            Mir adalah adik dari aktris Go Eun Ah. Nama “mir’ diberikan oleh rain langsung yang berarti naga. Diharapkan dia dapat berkekmbang dan terbang seperti naga sampai ke langit. Mir satu-satunya yang masuk sebagai trainee  di J.Tune Ent. tanpa audisi karena dibawa langsung oleh kakak iparnya yang merupakan CEO J.Tune Ent.
            Mir nyaris tidak menjadi maknae di MBLAQ pada awal formasi mereka waktu masih bersama Sang Bae. Tetapi kemudian Cheondoong masuk dan berusia lebih tua dari Mir, sehingga membuatnya menjadi maknae di MBLAQ.
            Soal tipe idaman, Mir sangat susah ditebak pikirannya (emang bangeeeeud -__-).  Dalam beberapa acara dia menyebut beberapa wanita yang menjadi tipenya, seperti Taeyeon ‘SNSD’, UEE ‘After School’ dan lain-lain.
            Sosok mir selalu dikaitkan dengan Lee Hongki FT. Island karena kemiripan wajahnya. Impiannya menjadi seorang artis: bisa mecetak banyak hit bersama MBLAQ, mengembangkan identitas dan memberi warna tersendiri kepada grup, serta sukses bersama-sama member lainnya.

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Other people said they're lack, they're just luck because have rain beside them.
But I don't care, because they're awesome.
Struggling very hard trough sadness, happiness, and other feeling. I'm still here, still be an A+ till i don't know when.
Love you so much, MBLAQ. My one-zero-one-five <333333

HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY! my blaqies :')
credit image:

Star Column – PART 4: B1A4, our innermost feelings

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A.
In the time that their column was published, it has received support from countless fans. That’s why B1A4 is thrilled. For the last part (Part 4), we will progress in the format of a talk time for the members. In many interviews they answered that their hobby was to chit chtat. Indeed they do not disappoint us. If nobody intervenes them, their chit-chat might have continued all night long. We will now begin their last story – a little more serious than just chit-chat.
To listen to Part 4 with the theme “B1A4′s innermost feelings”, I visited their practice room late at night. The 5 young men had already gathered around on the floor, keenly engaged in their conversation. Honestly, it would be correct to say that they are between young men and boys – because of their fresh-boy like looks that still remain. They were busy laughing at insignificant stories like teenage girls, even bickering while telling their stories. However, among these boys none of them were careless about any story.
It’s time to change the atmosphere to a serious one and spill out the stories from their heart which they couldn’t share. The members change their sitting positions the moment I finish talking. The playful faces are gone, and replaced with seriousness. I expressed the hyungs to begin first, but against one’s expectations it was Gongchan to open his mouth first. Softly and slowly, Gongchan started his story about his kidney surgery that happened last July. And other members listened carefully to him.

Gongchan: To be honest I really felt bad for the hyungs. Everyone was really happy when Jinyoung hyung first played the guide of Sleep Well Goodnight for us to hear and we really looked forward to promoting with this song. I was really looking forward to the promotions too, but I had to visit the hospital frequently because I was sick… So hyungs were taking care of me often. I was very sorry for all that. I was really sorry for being stubborn and not listening to hyungs when they wanted to halt our promotions but I didn’t want to feel more sorry towards the hyungs.
To what Gongchan said, Jinyoung who has a gentle personality continued in a slightly angry tone.
Jinyoung: I regard them as my real brothers. We may not have been born under the same parents or share the same blood but right now we spend 24 hours together and I thought we were much more closer than real brothers. Why should you feel sorry to your brothers despite the pain? That’s not something to feel bad about. Why did you have such stupid thoughts?
CNU: If you closely look at Channie, he has a tendency of trying to solve everything alone. He can lean on hyungs if something is difficult or hard but maybe it’s because he’s the eldest son, he’s that type who’d suffer alone. I understand that he was worried about making us hyungs worry but what’s the advantage of a team? To be able to share, and rely on each other when things get rough. (points at Sandeul and Baro) Look at them. Sigh~ They just give hyungs hell.
Baro: Whenever he says he’s in pain we ask him, “On a scale of 1 to 10 how painful is it?”. It is really pitiful when he says the intensity is at about 7~8. There was days when he says 9~10 too… During those days he’s nearly unconscious. I was surprised to see him being able to endure such pain. I don’t know if he’s strong or foolish.
Sandeul: You are right! And when he first told us that he was sick, the intensity was already 6.
Gongchan: By the way, there was once we went to Asia Song Festival after my surgery. At that time, I couldn’t go on stage so I was watching the hyungs sing from behind and it felt very weird. Thoughts like ‘standing on a place that doesn’t belong to me? That’s the place where I should be standing but why am I here?’ repeated in my head. I sincerely felt how precious my work is to me, and the only thing I could think of was to recover quickly so as to perform on the stage.
Jinyoung: But I think we probably felt it more seriously. That was our first time performing on stage with only 4 of us. It felt completely empty. I never thought it would be so different without one member. That time I realized it again. As expected, B1A4 is one.
Sandeul continues with thick Busan dialect. I’m disappointed because there is a difference when it’s written.
Sandeul: That’s right! I seriously felt it during my musical. When I’m alon,e the energy is completely different from when we are together. When they came to watch me that time, I didn’t know that they came until someone told me right before the start of the musical. Honestly, I was even more nervous because our members were watching me. But I really felt confident. Even during the Immortal Song recording this time, I thought Jinyoung hyung and Channie weren’t coming. I thought they wouldn’t come because they had their own things to be busy with but they came to support me and I was very happy.

CNU: I always feel I’m fortunate that I am not a solo artist.
To what CNU said all the members agree enthusiastically repeating ‘let’s not separate’ and narrowed the space between themselves. In that moment, the seriousness in the air vanished. Without any order, they gathered their hands together and shouted ‘fighting’. That wasn’t all. They gathered their feet together and shouted ‘fighting’. And even that wasn’t enough – they gathered their elbows, heads and shouted ‘fighting’.
They laughed till they couldn’t breathe while lying on the floor, maybe because they were also embarrassed by how other people were looking on. All of them had very flushed faces. These guys are really overflowing with fighting spirits.
Indeed, it was leader Jinyoung who settled the scattered atmosphere. He then continued the talk.
Jinyoung: This is what I think. It might not only be me, the others could feel the same too but when one of the members have individual schedules, I feel very proud. And I have faith that he’ll do well than any other person.
Baro: That’s right. Honestly after watching Sandeul’s musical performance, I was really proud to have him as my friend. I couldn’t control my emotions when Sandeul made his first appearance on stage.
Sandeul: I heard that the members cried after the performance. After hearing that, I was really touched instead. I should have thanked them right away during that time but I couldn’t tell them. I think it’s because I’m a guy from Kyungsang-do ah… I felt shy about expressing it. Since I couldn’t express it, there is a regretful heart.
Jinyoung: No no. We all know, even if you don’t say it out.
Baro: I really like it because our team doesn’t get jealous even if one of us does well. Instead we feel proud and congratulate him.
It is a given emotion to feel jealous if another person does well but these guys are too busy taking care of each other admist all that. This time Sandeul opened his mouth.
Sandeul: I was recently experiencing a slump. When I couldn’t think well of many things including music, I fell into a slump. Despite thinking “let’s just do it how I used to do it” and “it would somehow work if I do it my way”, I felt that something kept on falling out. The pressure was increasing. At that time, members talked to me a lot but honestly during that time none of what they said hit me. I think it was a bit hard to accept that I was wrong. I was struggling because I was frustrated and it became a vicious circle because nothing was turning out the way I wanted them to. I’m saying this only now but what I was most thankful about was that my members trusted me even then. To do things my way. After sensing it with my heart, I was honestly sorry to my members too and I didn’t know what to do. From then I thought I should do everything to change.

Jinyoung: I knew that Sandeul wasn’t accepting what we said because of his strong pride. But I also knew that someday he would overcome it by himself and return. So without being impatient, I believed and waited for him.
CNU: I read it somewhere but they said that the secret behind Shinhwa staying together for a long time was to become fans of each other. Those words really touched me. Without accepting the strong points of each members and respecting each other, we can’t stay together for long. Respecting and loving that person as if we are fans. I believe we could stay together as long as Shinhwa if we do it that way. Nobody is perfect and everyone lacks in something some way or other but because we are a team we will correct and fill up the flaws.
Baro: I’m a fan of everyone seriously~ Everyone has different charms and their strong points are what I don’t have so even if I look at you just as a person and not as our member you guys are really cool.
B1A4 continued their talk. These boys don’t wish for many things. To just take care of each other like now. And to perform on stage for a long time for the fans who support such B1A4.
B1A4: We are thankful to our fans who give us overflowing love. We will work hard to become B1A4 who does not go against your anticipations. You’ll continue to love us right? B1A4 fighting! Even BANAs fighting! And fighting to all readers who read this article. Thank you for reading B1A4′s Star Column.
At first when I met them they had the looks of fresh boys, but I think the more you get to know them you realize that they are like an extract. Or that could just be my personal feeling. I hope they don’t lose what they have in their hearts right now and become singers who increase and develop.
Hello to all readers reading B1A4′s Star Column. This is B1A4!! How was the Star Column? We wanted to share our new side and honest stories which we never revealed before. These were the stories that we completed every episode after worrying and discussing together at our practicing room.
We are very sad for not being able to share all the stories that we wanted to share with you because of our lacking writing skills but we hope you guys enjoyed them. While writing for Star Column we got to think again about our minds that we had during our trainee days, thoughts about our members and thoughts on the team’s future. It was a very meaningful time for us.
If we get this opportunity again we will return with more enjoyable stories. And right now we are preparing for our new album and our first concert in December so please anticipate~ Thank you!!

Source: Naver News, GLYNX @
Translation Credits: Mochi Muffins @

Star Column – PART 3: ‘What’s so great about you?’ B1A4

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A. In the time that their column was published, it has received support from countless fans. That’s why B1A4 is thrilled. They have magnificent stage presence and unwavering vocal abilities, but in other places they are definitely teens in their 20s. B1A4′s behind-the-scenes stories will now be handed over to Sandeul from Baro.

I’m taking over from Baro. It is pressurizing on me but I will start with the confidence that I can do it too. I’ll talk about our special hobbies. I will skip those that are related to music, and talk about other stoires instead.
# Baro’s Hand
Whenever we’re waiting or practicing, Baro will doodle whenever he has some time. Then he will rip and throw the doodle as if it is nothing at all. Whenever I see his drawing, it makes me wonder ‘what exactly is this person thinking about?’. He is good at doodling, but the ideas that he shows through his drawing surprises me all the time.
Things that Baro often draw and draw well are the faces of the members, or characters of us. He catches the most unimportant characteristics of ours sharply and puts them into characters. On the other hand, there have been times where the members take revenge on him by exaggerating the drawings of his character.
For example, drawing a squirrel with front teeth are as large as its body with an gross long tail. Other times, the character would have the face of a squirrel, and Baro’s body – with abs, and rippling muscles all over the body. It might sound childish, but it improves our imagination skills so it’s not too bad.

There are some restaurants that we go to where there are walls for the customers to doodle on, and Baro will never miss the chance (to doodle). There was once we went to a BBQ place and there was a wall for customers to doodle on. As soon as he finished eating, Baro found a pen from somewhere and started drawing the characters of the 5 members (fox, bear, duck, squirrel and puppy) at the highest spot of the wall with the theme ‘B1A4 Animal Farm’. The way he expressed us so similarly through the drawing in one shot without stopping made me think, “As expected, it’s Baro”.
There was once that Baro drew the character of our company representative and got scolded. The reason was because he caught the characteristics (of the representative) too well. The representative got angry and said, “Do I look like that?”. It was an ironic situation of being scolded despite the drawing coming out well. Haha
Sandeul’s eyes
I like taking photos, so I always bring my camera with me wherever I go. I like that we are able to record the bright days and the precious times in life. I like that even as time passes by, looking these photographs will remind me of past memories.

As Baro said in Part 1 – ‘we live feeding on memories’. I like it to that extent that we can chit chat about old memories as they come to mind. These chit-chats are about the greater part of the pictures that has not been written down. We fall into a deep conversation of ‘We were like that then…’, ‘What did we do here?’ while looking at these pictures, not knowing that time is passing by.
Up until not too long ago, I was in love with the charms of Polaroids, carrying it around everywhere to take pictures. The targets of my camera shutter are the members, the staffs around us and self-portraits.

I think the charm of the Polaroid is the excitement of the few minutes while waiting for the film to develop, and that it is the only one in the world. I also think that it’s amazing that we are able to share these memories with the members and the people around us by gifting to them the Polaroid.
Recently I purchased a digital camera and I’ve been taking more pictures with it. It has a different charm from what the Polaroid offers. You can select from various modes, and adjust the brightness, color, focus and shutter speed settings. With that, one is able to take different kinds of pictures with one background – that is its charm.
Honestly, I have only been using the digital camera for a short while so there are many things I do not know and need to learn. Recently I’ve been getting to know what I did not know about the camera, and the learning process is interesting. I am satisfied whenever I manage to take something different.
I do not only take photographs of people – recently I have been photographing sceneries and objects too, and of fans who come to see us. I would like to show my photographs of our fans on Star Column too, but the fans have potrait rights too so I’ll just end it off with my thoughts.
Ever since I found interest in photography, there have been times I want to just leave with my camera and go on a holiday alone. I want to leave my daily life and spend some time with myself, and capture whatever I see and feel there with my camera. I think the feelings captured by a photograph would be huge sources of strength in the future.
# ‘Competitive’ B1A4
If you talk about B1A4, there is no way you can leave out being competitive. Different from how we look, we are really competitive. The first time I truly felt the competitiveness of the members was when we played arm wrestling not long after I joined the group. We bet on dish-washing and cleaning.
We might look kind, but when the game starts there are only fierce stares and fires in our eyes. I was also surprised at how surprisingly strong Jinyoung hyung was because I assumed he’d be the easiest opponent. It was a fact that I who entered the team late did not know about – Jinyoung hyung goes hand in hand with ‘amazing right arm’.

The power of Jinyoung hyung’s ‘amazing right arm’ increases twofold when he arm wrestles. No one can win him. Jinyoung hyung once told us that no one in his class could win him in arm wrestling when he was in high school.
Whenever we play arm wrestling, the final round will be between the hyungs. And the winner will always be Jinyoung hyung. A few hours would not even be enough to talk about Jinyoung hyung’s competitiveness. To be able to do well in sports that he hadn’t learnt before, such as archery and fencing, is most likely attributed to his competitiveness.
After living together for so long, we all know that including myself, the members hate to lose more than to die. And this competitiveness will lead to betting amongst ourselves.
When we practice, there are days we match well and there are days we don’t. On days we don’t, we make bets in order to increase our concentration. Whoever makes a mistake in the middle will have to buy supper snacks – chicken, pizza, pig trotters etc. Surprisingly, the moment the bet was set, no one got the parts we did not match well wrong. Because of our personalities that display our competitiveness and the smallest details whenever we make bets, the end results usually ends up positive.
The biggest bet between ourselves recently was the bet of Baro’s laptop between himself and JInyoung hyung. In the recent Idol Olympics, Jinyoung hyung was selected as a player for fencing – it worried us as Jinyoung hyung had never done fencing before.
At this time, Baro said that he’d propose a bet to Jinyoung hyung by working up his competitiveness so that he would achieve good results. He said that he’d give Jinyoung hyung his own laptop if he won a gold model in fencing. Jinyoung hyung’s laptop had just broken down then, so he accepted the bet and won over Baro. Jinyoung hyung obtained a gold medal through sheer competitiveness. Baro hugged his laptop and even said farewell to it, but Jinyoung hyung showed generosity by changing the bet into giving away his mouse instead of his laptop. From then on, Baro never came up with such insane bets like involving his laptop. Instead, he bets on purchasing our favourite convenience store pig trotters.
Recently, there has been a table tennis table put in our practice room that we’ve been using as a bet. We use table tennis to determine the order of showering, and seating allocations in the car for the next day’s schedule. There are occasions where there are ties, or out of sympathy that we void the results and decide by rock-paper-scissors instead. We really play table tennis with all our hearts.
We have days where we start and end it with bets. The bets are usually minor, like getting to choose the menu or buying drinks. ‘Betting’ may be a negative noun, but in our situation, it is nothing major. It has a positive effect on us, working to increase concentration, or changing our moods. I believe we will continue making interesting bets like these in the future too.
I was thinking if I should title Part 3 as ‘The things B1A4 enjoy’. I was worried about which stories I should reveal so that it’d be interesting for everyone to read. I hope that as you read from Part 1 up to Part 3, you are able to know more about us. I wanted to deliver our serious, yet not too light stories to everyone.
I will be talking about deeper stories in Part 4. It is time to reveal all of our inside thoughts. Just as you have been watching out for us, please look forward to the next part too…
Source: Naver News, GLYNX @
Translation Credits: Creamaya, skipfire @

Star Column – PART 2: Charging straight ahead for invasion of their places

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A. They have magnificent stage presence and unwavering vocal abilities, but in other places they are definitely teens in their 20s. Part 1 of B1A4′s behind-the-scenes stories is told personally by Baro.
Here is front of B1A4’s practice room.
The sound of music is coming through the doolr. The star of the music has his headphones on and is working hard composing songs. He who does not even realize who is entering, and is fully concentrated on composing! That is Jinyoung hyung. This is hyung’s workplace, also known as ‘B1A4 room’.

Even when he does not have his headphones on, Jinyoung hyung is unable to hear people calling out to him whenever he composes. That is how concentrated he is. There have been more than once or twice that we have been frustrated with hyung’s personality. But now, we can understand each others by looking in the eyes. Maybe it’s because the time we spend with each other has grown.

The practice room, just like a place to compose music, has many equipments and instruments. Even though this place is only made up of a computer, a mic, speakers and keyboards, this is heaven to Jinyoung hyung. Jinyoung hyung talks about music with the members everyday here, and discusses about the team too. He spends most of his time here with music.
To hyung, the practice room is the most comfortable place for him to spend long hours in. On one side of the walls, there are various things on display. There are sculptures, paper dolls and things filled with devotion. A variety of things who do not seem to suit men.

However, the gifts from fans are important to us. We feel so thankful for receiving those gifts so we always place them around us. They can cheer us up better than any words. (Even so, stop sending us gifts! Focus on your own work, and always cheer us on from far away! Just that is enough ㅋㅋ)
Recently, the topic is about our solo concert held at the end of the year. The members gather and sit on the floor of the practice room, and discuss seriously. It (the concert) is something we’ve wanted to have since our debut, so the members all stop joking and discuss seriously.

But the moment the meeting ends, we all go back to how we are usually. Even when I think about it, I think we fool around a lot. We start to find solace in our bright personalities.
You’re curious about our practice room and dorm, right?
Which place of ours would the fans be curious about? They might be curious about the practice room, but I think they are more curious about our dorm. The first thing to welcome us at the hallway is the manly(?) scent and tightly packed shoes. Please don’t judge the interior of our dorm by the untidy hallway. “A place with only men living in would be a reminder of how jail is like.” We will make sure this thought flies away cleanly with the cleanly organized interior of our dorm.

“Do we always really live so tidily?” Honestly speaking, we had a recording several few days ago in the dorm so we urgently cleaned our dorm the day before. Actually, rather than being clean, our dorm is an untidy one. Let’s take a peek at our wardrobe room to prove that.

This room looks tidy with the help with the closet, but if you look hard enough, the clothes are in a mess. We are gentle and detailed, but when you look at us during times like these, I feel like the blood of natural men(?) still flows in us. We each get a drawer in the white chest of drawers next to the closet. Even though there’s no names put on the drawers, we know whose drawer it is by opening and seeing what is inside the drawer. So, who’s the owner of this blue Bear! Doll! Pajamas? We will leave it to everyone to imagine.
Next, I will introduce to you our make-up room. The variety of cosmetics for men here is huge. As our skin types are different, so we have to use different products. There is a huge variety of products even for 5 people to use.

Here too, there is a zone for each of us. At one glance it may seem like a place that has been divided through organization, but for us the zone have an invisible divider. It is a method devised by ourselves for the effective usage (of cosmetics) when living together.
The fun trip to our Malaysia performance!
We just returned from a visit to Malaysia. It was for the promotion of ‘B1A4 Super Hits Malaysia Special Edition’, containing all the songs we have released so far. The biggest trouble when going overseas is packing. Everyone is busy going back and forth in the dorm packing. As I watch them pack, I found out that the way we pack is different depending on that person’s personality.

Despite his exhaustive perfectionist self when he is working, Jinyoung hyung is surprisingly a black hole when it comes to living. Upon being asked to pack, he put several sets of underwear, headphones and iPad into his bag and laid down and listened to music. Whoever looked at CNU hyung would have thought he was packing to leave for several months. Pajamas, spare clothes, underwear, toiletries, cosmetics, glasses, lenses, earphones, notebook and many more in his bag.

Sandeul, who has found interest in photography recently, put the camera into his bag first. Then he put in his glasses and lenses. He ended his packing with one sentence, “Baro, let’s share and use the same things!”. Keu.. I got bluffed!
As for me, I did not pack things that I can borrow or purchase there. I will pack only the necessities. Lastly, we will never find out what maknae Gongchan packed. I did not see him pack his stuff, but before I knew it he had already zipped his bag and was doing something first. The more I look at him, the more I am impressed. How did he even pack so quickly, I am surprised.
And before we know it, we’re heading straight towards the venue for Malaysia’s ONEFM THE ONE concert!
We haven’t had a day off to rest recently, so in order to recover from the busy schedule, we fall asleep as soon as we board the plane. But in the time that CNU hyung and Sandeul were awake, they showed off their teeth and fell into the trap of taking selcas. They’re Energizer(battery brand)…

Right before the performance in the waiting room, CNU hyung said that his leg hurt. Gongchan worked hard and gave his hyung a massage. But CNU hyung, for some reason, does not look refreshed. Did he give a massage, or did he torture him…
Under the command of Jinyoung hyung, we finished preparing for the performance and interview. Finally, time for the stage. We felt so satisfied to be around the cheers of the fans and the flashlights of the reports. After singing 4 songs, Beautiful Target, Baby I’m Sorry, Baby Goodnight and O.K, we ended the show with a finale.

We recorded a 8tv program, did a live radio broadcast with ONEFM, and had a high-touch fanmeeting with 430 fans. To be able to meet with Malaysian fans in so many ways made us realize how the popularity of K-POP has changed. And with that, all the promotional events ended successfully.
I had many thoughts when I was on the plane back to Korea. I have the greed, to practice hard and show an even more perfect image at our own concert in the end of this year to our fanclub BANA. With that mindset, I thought “I want to hurry return to Korea.”

I’ve been telling you about our appearances until now, so shall we talk about our feelings and hidden skills now? Please look forward to Part 3..ㅋㅋ
Source: Naver News, GLYNX @
Translation Credits: Creamaya, skipfire @

Star Column – PART 1: Those fresh moments before B1A4

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A. They have magnificent stage presence and unwavering vocal abilities, but in other places they are definitely teens in their 20s. Part 1 of B1A4′s behind-the-scenes stories is told personally by Baro.
The five of us tell each other that we “live feeding on memories”, and we like to dig them up and talk about it. Memories from our trainee times, to us, will forever the biggest and brightest memory we ever have.
The memories from our trainee times that we never get bored of no matter how many times. Today too, we stayed awake all night talking about the same thing.
1. What we chose – ‘The things to abide to no matter what’
When we think about our trainee days, the things that come to mind first would be getting scolded and being tired. If we dig about trainee days, the things that comes up the most would be getting scolded and those painful memories. Isn’t it normal for the tiredness and sufferings to come to mind first, rather than the holidays and freedom and luxurious things? There were 3 specific things that we abided by at that time.
Firstly, to greet well (to whoever, sincerely).
Secondly, to be punctual.
Thirdly, to tell no lies.
No matter what happens, these are the 3 things that the members and company abide to, and it is also the promise between us members. It’s been a year and a half since debut and this promise still holds true. I believe that it would be the same in the future.
In the early days of our trainee periods, we were unable to understand and be aware of the importance of these 3 things. Practice starts at 10am usually, but we took the company’s words lightly when they taught us this. “When you’re late by 1 minute, it eventually becomes 10 minutes. 10 minutes becomes 20 minutes, and bit by bit promises are no longer kept and you will become lazy bums.”

It starts with 1 minute, and the next day it’s 2 minutes, and the day after it’s 5 minutes. Just like that, we get later by a few minutes every day. Of course, we even lied to the company and said that we came on time..
When everything was revealed, the company punished us greatly so that we would get our mindsets straight and change our bad habits. As Jinyoung hyung says, “It’s the toughest punishment ever since I was born”. He accepted the punishment and said that was the hardest moment he has ever lived.
We had to lie in plank position and hold for 30 minutes, and do 50 push ups immediately without rest. By then our bodies had reached their limits and were already trembling. From here, we had to lie in plank position on our fist for 20 minutes, and lift up 1 leg for another 10 minutes. Only the people who have tried it will know how it feels. My body trembles just thinking about it. I will leave it to everyone to imagine it.
Thanks to it, we were never late again, and we never told any lies after – dedicating ourselves to practice. And we finally understood that even if it was a small promise, we have to hold true to it.
The company once told us, “The road that you all have chosen… You will live by communicating with the public, receiving their love while meeting their expectations. If you cannot even keep a small promise to yourselves, how are you going to keep the many promises you make to the public?”
We who disregarded the opportunities we had and many others want, and got lazy engraved the teachings of that day into our heart, and were able to once again return to having the mindset of beginners.
2. The key to teamwork – ‘Event’
The secrets to us getting along well and not fighting even up till today are the events and games that we have done since our trainee periods. We throw surprise parties on birthdays, and we go around reading our cards aloud one by one. We help each other out and take care of each other behind their backs. We are close brothers who leave presents to the other members under their beds whenever we feel thankful or sorry. During Christmas, we fork out 10,000 won for a gift exchange to a random member.
We were all students living apart from our parents then, so there weren’t much money in our hands. The presents prepared were like snacks, drinks and breads, but the price wasn’t the main point. I remember how touched I felt, because of the warm hearts and thoughts of each other conveyed through the presents.
Having brought this up suddenly, there are more than 10 things I can talk about and they are slowly coming to my mind. Though (the present was) small, the precious hearts that think for each other… This is the driving force behind B1A4.

To. Jinyoung hyung
Hyung!! Happy birthday to you^^ You’re not sad because you thought we forgot your birthday right?ㅋㅋ I’m sorry for not listening to hyung well, and for constantly fooling around. But since we are going to live together forever from now on, please look over it cutelyㅎㅎ And this cloth was picked out by me and Junghwan after looking around for a long time so even if it’s not hyung’s style please wear itㅋㅋ And let’s work hard for our dreams^^ Fighting!! Happy birthday once again♥
by. Sunwoo

To. Jinyoung
Hello Jinyoung, I’m Dongwooㅋ One year has passed since we met, huhㅋ Many things have happened since then, and I think we came to this day tolerating and enduring them together. If it wasn’t for you, it would have been really difficult for me. It’s really reliable to have you as a team mate, and a friend. Congratulations on your birthday today. The 5 of us will be overcome any difficult or tough things from now on. Happy birthday.
-From Dongwoo-

3. We want to stand on stage!
There was once we went to watch DJ DOC’s performance. Coincidentally the theme was “pride for the nation’s songs”, and the moment they invited people who were confident about dancing and singing up on stage, Jinyoung hyung, CNU hyung and myself ran up as if it was the moment we had been waiting for. After only practicing amongst ourselves in the practice room, it was the chance to show ourselves to people.
The moment the music started, we break-dance, did the dog leg dance, randomly danced and even shook our bodies like crazy, just so to appeal to the audience. But it was unfortunate that Jinyoung hyung and I did not even pass the first stage, and went down feeling pity. But luckily CNU hyung stayed till the end and remarkably won second place, doing an interview and even received a prize.
“Ah… If only we went a little further upfront…”, “If only we shaked a little more…” Jinyoung hyung and I grumbled as we looked upon CNU hyung enviously. The aftermath of the performance lasted for a few days. After actually getting to stand on stage, we thought “Ah, so this is how the stage is like”, and there was something hot that surged up within me.
As I remember how I had to get off stage without being able to show much of myself despite having gone up… We promised to ourselves to sharpen and polish our skills by ten thousand times so that when we stand on our own stage, there wouldn’t be any regrets.
4. Finally, all 5 of them assembled!
“Whenever there is a newcomer, they will go through a hazing ceremony of singing.”
This newcomer kid then took our word and started singing seriously and carefully. Instantly, the whole room went quiet. No one expected him to stand in the middle of the room and sing with such a serious and vacant expression.
We usually fool around by doing secret cameras, and that day I just said it as a joke. But this newcomer stood up straight from his seat without hesitation and said in a heavy Busan dialect, “Wait, I have to warm up my voice,” and started to sing.
He may be serious, but this confident and bold person’s name is Lee Junghwan. Playing an active part as main vocal in B1A4, he is Sandeul.
After living together for a month, there came a time that we were able to open our hearts up, and we talked about his story about coming all the way here.
He started singing because of his blinded longing to be on stage. Despite going on many singing festivals, he failed to win with his lack of confidence. Following that, he was frustrated and lost his way in life for a while. And then came the goal of winning with his head up. After challenging in more than 30 song festivals, Sandeul swept off all the awards and starting to look for a different challenge.
The thing holding him back at his ankles from full confidence was his appearance. The people who auditioned with him got accepted, but Sandeul was unable to do so. “I guess this path is not the path for me…” That was the moment that we might have be able to see him as B1A4′s Sandeul.
Only now we are jokingly laugh and chat at the beauty that could not shine because of his weight and glasses, but it is hard to imagine how badly Sandeul was hurt by it in the past.
I still have many things I want to say. I might even want to talk all throughout the night. But regretfully, this is the end of the stories during our trainee days.Perhaps I want to talk about this the whole day. I am sorry but this is the end of our story during trainee days.
From now on, it is our turn now to stand on the stage with the name B1A4.

Source: Naver News, GLYNX @
Translation Credits: 1wsh, skipfire @

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[My Story] Too Far, To Back. - part 1

Disini saya akan sedikit bercerita tentang bagaimana dan mengapa saya suka dengan dunia kpop.
Mulanya berawal dari tahun 2007-an, ada satu drama korea yang hingga kini tetap menjadi drama korea favorit saya. Drama tersebut berjudul "Princess Hours", mungkin diantara kalian pernah menonton cerita kerajaan modern ini.

Tahun 2007, tepat saya masih kelas 6 SD (kalau tidak salah) saya sudah merasa dicekoki oleh hal-hal berbau korea. Disisi lain kakak sepupu saya juga adalah seorang penggemar drama korea, otomatis semakin bertambahlah pengetahuan tentang korea.
Setiap ada kesempatan atau ada acara ke rumah kakak sepupu, saya pasti selalu menonton drama korea.

Lalu saya masih ingat, ada lagu dari Lee Hyori yang berjudul U-Go-Girl. Lagunya benar-benar eye-catching. Tapi saya melihat pertama kali bukan dari penyanyi aslinya, tetapi dari Shindong 'SuJu'.
Saat kelas 8 SMP, teman dekat saya mengenalkan saya pada lagu TVXQ. Saya lupa judulnya apa tetapi setelah saat itu saya mulai browsing mengenai TVXQ. Facts, Profile, hingga Birth of date dari TVXQ saya cari. Korean music saat itu sudah sedikit masuk kedalam kehidupan saya.

Kelas 9 SMP. Saat-saat genting (baca: dekat ke UN) seperti ini saya mulai dirasuki oleh korean music. Hingga puncaknya salah seorang teman saya menyodorkan video klip super junior "Sorry-Sorry" 
Semakin lengkaplah virus korea di otak saya saat melihat kibum didalamnya....

 (next: part 2, too tired to write ._.)

B1A4 to Hold First Solo Concert Since Debut, 'BABA B1A4'

'Super rookie' group B1A4 will be holding their first solo concert just 1 year and 6 months after their debut.

Today, WM Entertainment stated that B1A4 would be holding their first solo concert, 'BABA B1A4', on December 8-9 at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium.
It is very rare to see a rookie group that only been around for 2 years to hold a solo concert. B1A4 has been gaining much attention with their hit songs.

CJ E&M commented, "B1A4 has been the most successful debut idol group from last year. They hope to show their different side at their first solo concert. They have been practicing and working hard to bring their fans the best performance."
Today, WM Entertainment also released B1A4's concert poster. The poster showed the member's serious faces on an otherwise comically illustrated background.
After releasing the news of their first solo concert on their official page, they have reached 25,000 views on their site.

Ticket sales will begin on October 18 through Mnet, YES24 and Interpark


Big Bang, Jang Geun Suk, J.Y. Park, and more show their love for Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

It’s not only stars from abroad who are loving Psy‘s “Gangnam Style“.
On the October 12th “Psy behind story” special of SBS‘ ‘Good Morning‘, stars such as Jang Geun SukLee Byung Hun, Big Bang, and Jung Hyung Don showed their support for Psy.
The special ran clips recorded before the release of the global hit. Jang Geun Suk shouted, “Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ fighting!” with his fans in Paris. Lee Byung Hun shyly shared, “Oppan Gangnam Style. The title is definitely Psy’s style.
Big Bang also commented, “Psy is Gangnam style. Big Bang is Mapo style.” Jung Hyung Don made viewers laugh by making funny expressions as he claimed that he himself was Gangnam style.
In a past clip, J.Y. Park also shared that he was the inspiration behind “Gangnam Style”.


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[K-Lyrics] f(x) - Beautiful Stranger

prologue /gaya/ Reccommended song banget, wajib denger. Enjoy y'all!

[Amber Luna Krystal]

It’s Just Another Story
saranghage dwaesseo A-ha han ibangin
Yeah And It’s All About Me
eotteoke nareul ihaesikyeoya halji

Uh jeo meolli geomeun geurimja
neol mannandamyeon sucheon killo naneun dallyeoga
Haha gaseume chongsoriga Bang
chulbalhae neol hyanghan Race Right Now

Beautiful Stranger keodaran du nune ppajyeo
ontong sinbiroun gamjeong geu eoneo
nan mameul yeoreo
Beautiful Stranger saramdeureun malhae
You’re Dangerous
naega baraboneun neoreul geudeureun
jeonhyeo boryeo haji anha  No-

gipeun chimmuk soge damgyeojin iyagi
dareun moseup tto dareun sesangeseo on neo
gin soneul ppeodeo nal barabomyeon
nega inneun goseuro hamkke deryeoga jwo
Uhohuhohoh Beautiful Stranger
Uhohuhohoh Beautiful Stranger
Uhohuhohoh Beautiful Stranger

nae yeope hogisimiran ai
nal bureumyeo ttaradanyeo From Morning To Night
neol darmeun kkumgwa hyeonsirui goeri
sanggwaneobseo modu deullyeojwo I’m ready
natseon saram neomu natseon uri sai
aragago sipeo geu gamyeon gipsugi
geu eoneu mugeoun munira haedo
I’ll Keep It Open So That We Can Talk A Little More

Beautiful Stranger tumyeonghan yeonghonui Angel
sonkkeut jeonhaejineun eumseong
geu eumseong simjangeul hollyeo
Beautiful Stranger geudeurege neon Mysterious
ihaehal su eomneun nega duryeowo
geujeo mireonael ppuniya No-

gipeun chimmuk soge damgyeojin iyagi
dareun moseup tto dareun sesangeseo on neo
gin soneul ppeodeo nal barabomyeon
nega inneun goseuro hamkke deryeoga jwo

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Just My Word

'Cause I love my own world, so my posting will full of k-pop.

So, enjoy GUYS :)))))