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Star Column – PART 1: Those fresh moments before B1A4

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A. They have magnificent stage presence and unwavering vocal abilities, but in other places they are definitely teens in their 20s. Part 1 of B1A4′s behind-the-scenes stories is told personally by Baro.
The five of us tell each other that we “live feeding on memories”, and we like to dig them up and talk about it. Memories from our trainee times, to us, will forever the biggest and brightest memory we ever have.
The memories from our trainee times that we never get bored of no matter how many times. Today too, we stayed awake all night talking about the same thing.
1. What we chose – ‘The things to abide to no matter what’
When we think about our trainee days, the things that come to mind first would be getting scolded and being tired. If we dig about trainee days, the things that comes up the most would be getting scolded and those painful memories. Isn’t it normal for the tiredness and sufferings to come to mind first, rather than the holidays and freedom and luxurious things? There were 3 specific things that we abided by at that time.
Firstly, to greet well (to whoever, sincerely).
Secondly, to be punctual.
Thirdly, to tell no lies.
No matter what happens, these are the 3 things that the members and company abide to, and it is also the promise between us members. It’s been a year and a half since debut and this promise still holds true. I believe that it would be the same in the future.
In the early days of our trainee periods, we were unable to understand and be aware of the importance of these 3 things. Practice starts at 10am usually, but we took the company’s words lightly when they taught us this. “When you’re late by 1 minute, it eventually becomes 10 minutes. 10 minutes becomes 20 minutes, and bit by bit promises are no longer kept and you will become lazy bums.”

It starts with 1 minute, and the next day it’s 2 minutes, and the day after it’s 5 minutes. Just like that, we get later by a few minutes every day. Of course, we even lied to the company and said that we came on time..
When everything was revealed, the company punished us greatly so that we would get our mindsets straight and change our bad habits. As Jinyoung hyung says, “It’s the toughest punishment ever since I was born”. He accepted the punishment and said that was the hardest moment he has ever lived.
We had to lie in plank position and hold for 30 minutes, and do 50 push ups immediately without rest. By then our bodies had reached their limits and were already trembling. From here, we had to lie in plank position on our fist for 20 minutes, and lift up 1 leg for another 10 minutes. Only the people who have tried it will know how it feels. My body trembles just thinking about it. I will leave it to everyone to imagine it.
Thanks to it, we were never late again, and we never told any lies after – dedicating ourselves to practice. And we finally understood that even if it was a small promise, we have to hold true to it.
The company once told us, “The road that you all have chosen… You will live by communicating with the public, receiving their love while meeting their expectations. If you cannot even keep a small promise to yourselves, how are you going to keep the many promises you make to the public?”
We who disregarded the opportunities we had and many others want, and got lazy engraved the teachings of that day into our heart, and were able to once again return to having the mindset of beginners.
2. The key to teamwork – ‘Event’
The secrets to us getting along well and not fighting even up till today are the events and games that we have done since our trainee periods. We throw surprise parties on birthdays, and we go around reading our cards aloud one by one. We help each other out and take care of each other behind their backs. We are close brothers who leave presents to the other members under their beds whenever we feel thankful or sorry. During Christmas, we fork out 10,000 won for a gift exchange to a random member.
We were all students living apart from our parents then, so there weren’t much money in our hands. The presents prepared were like snacks, drinks and breads, but the price wasn’t the main point. I remember how touched I felt, because of the warm hearts and thoughts of each other conveyed through the presents.
Having brought this up suddenly, there are more than 10 things I can talk about and they are slowly coming to my mind. Though (the present was) small, the precious hearts that think for each other… This is the driving force behind B1A4.

To. Jinyoung hyung
Hyung!! Happy birthday to you^^ You’re not sad because you thought we forgot your birthday right?ㅋㅋ I’m sorry for not listening to hyung well, and for constantly fooling around. But since we are going to live together forever from now on, please look over it cutelyㅎㅎ And this cloth was picked out by me and Junghwan after looking around for a long time so even if it’s not hyung’s style please wear itㅋㅋ And let’s work hard for our dreams^^ Fighting!! Happy birthday once again♥
by. Sunwoo

To. Jinyoung
Hello Jinyoung, I’m Dongwooㅋ One year has passed since we met, huhㅋ Many things have happened since then, and I think we came to this day tolerating and enduring them together. If it wasn’t for you, it would have been really difficult for me. It’s really reliable to have you as a team mate, and a friend. Congratulations on your birthday today. The 5 of us will be overcome any difficult or tough things from now on. Happy birthday.
-From Dongwoo-

3. We want to stand on stage!
There was once we went to watch DJ DOC’s performance. Coincidentally the theme was “pride for the nation’s songs”, and the moment they invited people who were confident about dancing and singing up on stage, Jinyoung hyung, CNU hyung and myself ran up as if it was the moment we had been waiting for. After only practicing amongst ourselves in the practice room, it was the chance to show ourselves to people.
The moment the music started, we break-dance, did the dog leg dance, randomly danced and even shook our bodies like crazy, just so to appeal to the audience. But it was unfortunate that Jinyoung hyung and I did not even pass the first stage, and went down feeling pity. But luckily CNU hyung stayed till the end and remarkably won second place, doing an interview and even received a prize.
“Ah… If only we went a little further upfront…”, “If only we shaked a little more…” Jinyoung hyung and I grumbled as we looked upon CNU hyung enviously. The aftermath of the performance lasted for a few days. After actually getting to stand on stage, we thought “Ah, so this is how the stage is like”, and there was something hot that surged up within me.
As I remember how I had to get off stage without being able to show much of myself despite having gone up… We promised to ourselves to sharpen and polish our skills by ten thousand times so that when we stand on our own stage, there wouldn’t be any regrets.
4. Finally, all 5 of them assembled!
“Whenever there is a newcomer, they will go through a hazing ceremony of singing.”
This newcomer kid then took our word and started singing seriously and carefully. Instantly, the whole room went quiet. No one expected him to stand in the middle of the room and sing with such a serious and vacant expression.
We usually fool around by doing secret cameras, and that day I just said it as a joke. But this newcomer stood up straight from his seat without hesitation and said in a heavy Busan dialect, “Wait, I have to warm up my voice,” and started to sing.
He may be serious, but this confident and bold person’s name is Lee Junghwan. Playing an active part as main vocal in B1A4, he is Sandeul.
After living together for a month, there came a time that we were able to open our hearts up, and we talked about his story about coming all the way here.
He started singing because of his blinded longing to be on stage. Despite going on many singing festivals, he failed to win with his lack of confidence. Following that, he was frustrated and lost his way in life for a while. And then came the goal of winning with his head up. After challenging in more than 30 song festivals, Sandeul swept off all the awards and starting to look for a different challenge.
The thing holding him back at his ankles from full confidence was his appearance. The people who auditioned with him got accepted, but Sandeul was unable to do so. “I guess this path is not the path for me…” That was the moment that we might have be able to see him as B1A4′s Sandeul.
Only now we are jokingly laugh and chat at the beauty that could not shine because of his weight and glasses, but it is hard to imagine how badly Sandeul was hurt by it in the past.
I still have many things I want to say. I might even want to talk all throughout the night. But regretfully, this is the end of the stories during our trainee days.Perhaps I want to talk about this the whole day. I am sorry but this is the end of our story during trainee days.
From now on, it is our turn now to stand on the stage with the name B1A4.

Source: Naver News, GLYNX @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
Translation Credits: 1wsh, skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com


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