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Star Column – PART 4: B1A4, our innermost feelings

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A.
In the time that their column was published, it has received support from countless fans. That’s why B1A4 is thrilled. For the last part (Part 4), we will progress in the format of a talk time for the members. In many interviews they answered that their hobby was to chit chtat. Indeed they do not disappoint us. If nobody intervenes them, their chit-chat might have continued all night long. We will now begin their last story – a little more serious than just chit-chat.
To listen to Part 4 with the theme “B1A4′s innermost feelings”, I visited their practice room late at night. The 5 young men had already gathered around on the floor, keenly engaged in their conversation. Honestly, it would be correct to say that they are between young men and boys – because of their fresh-boy like looks that still remain. They were busy laughing at insignificant stories like teenage girls, even bickering while telling their stories. However, among these boys none of them were careless about any story.
It’s time to change the atmosphere to a serious one and spill out the stories from their heart which they couldn’t share. The members change their sitting positions the moment I finish talking. The playful faces are gone, and replaced with seriousness. I expressed the hyungs to begin first, but against one’s expectations it was Gongchan to open his mouth first. Softly and slowly, Gongchan started his story about his kidney surgery that happened last July. And other members listened carefully to him.

Gongchan: To be honest I really felt bad for the hyungs. Everyone was really happy when Jinyoung hyung first played the guide of Sleep Well Goodnight for us to hear and we really looked forward to promoting with this song. I was really looking forward to the promotions too, but I had to visit the hospital frequently because I was sick… So hyungs were taking care of me often. I was very sorry for all that. I was really sorry for being stubborn and not listening to hyungs when they wanted to halt our promotions but I didn’t want to feel more sorry towards the hyungs.
To what Gongchan said, Jinyoung who has a gentle personality continued in a slightly angry tone.
Jinyoung: I regard them as my real brothers. We may not have been born under the same parents or share the same blood but right now we spend 24 hours together and I thought we were much more closer than real brothers. Why should you feel sorry to your brothers despite the pain? That’s not something to feel bad about. Why did you have such stupid thoughts?
CNU: If you closely look at Channie, he has a tendency of trying to solve everything alone. He can lean on hyungs if something is difficult or hard but maybe it’s because he’s the eldest son, he’s that type who’d suffer alone. I understand that he was worried about making us hyungs worry but what’s the advantage of a team? To be able to share, and rely on each other when things get rough. (points at Sandeul and Baro) Look at them. Sigh~ They just give hyungs hell.
Baro: Whenever he says he’s in pain we ask him, “On a scale of 1 to 10 how painful is it?”. It is really pitiful when he says the intensity is at about 7~8. There was days when he says 9~10 too… During those days he’s nearly unconscious. I was surprised to see him being able to endure such pain. I don’t know if he’s strong or foolish.
Sandeul: You are right! And when he first told us that he was sick, the intensity was already 6.
Gongchan: By the way, there was once we went to Asia Song Festival after my surgery. At that time, I couldn’t go on stage so I was watching the hyungs sing from behind and it felt very weird. Thoughts like ‘standing on a place that doesn’t belong to me? That’s the place where I should be standing but why am I here?’ repeated in my head. I sincerely felt how precious my work is to me, and the only thing I could think of was to recover quickly so as to perform on the stage.
Jinyoung: But I think we probably felt it more seriously. That was our first time performing on stage with only 4 of us. It felt completely empty. I never thought it would be so different without one member. That time I realized it again. As expected, B1A4 is one.
Sandeul continues with thick Busan dialect. I’m disappointed because there is a difference when it’s written.
Sandeul: That’s right! I seriously felt it during my musical. When I’m alon,e the energy is completely different from when we are together. When they came to watch me that time, I didn’t know that they came until someone told me right before the start of the musical. Honestly, I was even more nervous because our members were watching me. But I really felt confident. Even during the Immortal Song recording this time, I thought Jinyoung hyung and Channie weren’t coming. I thought they wouldn’t come because they had their own things to be busy with but they came to support me and I was very happy.

CNU: I always feel I’m fortunate that I am not a solo artist.
To what CNU said all the members agree enthusiastically repeating ‘let’s not separate’ and narrowed the space between themselves. In that moment, the seriousness in the air vanished. Without any order, they gathered their hands together and shouted ‘fighting’. That wasn’t all. They gathered their feet together and shouted ‘fighting’. And even that wasn’t enough – they gathered their elbows, heads and shouted ‘fighting’.
They laughed till they couldn’t breathe while lying on the floor, maybe because they were also embarrassed by how other people were looking on. All of them had very flushed faces. These guys are really overflowing with fighting spirits.
Indeed, it was leader Jinyoung who settled the scattered atmosphere. He then continued the talk.
Jinyoung: This is what I think. It might not only be me, the others could feel the same too but when one of the members have individual schedules, I feel very proud. And I have faith that he’ll do well than any other person.
Baro: That’s right. Honestly after watching Sandeul’s musical performance, I was really proud to have him as my friend. I couldn’t control my emotions when Sandeul made his first appearance on stage.
Sandeul: I heard that the members cried after the performance. After hearing that, I was really touched instead. I should have thanked them right away during that time but I couldn’t tell them. I think it’s because I’m a guy from Kyungsang-do ah… I felt shy about expressing it. Since I couldn’t express it, there is a regretful heart.
Jinyoung: No no. We all know, even if you don’t say it out.
Baro: I really like it because our team doesn’t get jealous even if one of us does well. Instead we feel proud and congratulate him.
It is a given emotion to feel jealous if another person does well but these guys are too busy taking care of each other admist all that. This time Sandeul opened his mouth.
Sandeul: I was recently experiencing a slump. When I couldn’t think well of many things including music, I fell into a slump. Despite thinking “let’s just do it how I used to do it” and “it would somehow work if I do it my way”, I felt that something kept on falling out. The pressure was increasing. At that time, members talked to me a lot but honestly during that time none of what they said hit me. I think it was a bit hard to accept that I was wrong. I was struggling because I was frustrated and it became a vicious circle because nothing was turning out the way I wanted them to. I’m saying this only now but what I was most thankful about was that my members trusted me even then. To do things my way. After sensing it with my heart, I was honestly sorry to my members too and I didn’t know what to do. From then I thought I should do everything to change.

Jinyoung: I knew that Sandeul wasn’t accepting what we said because of his strong pride. But I also knew that someday he would overcome it by himself and return. So without being impatient, I believed and waited for him.
CNU: I read it somewhere but they said that the secret behind Shinhwa staying together for a long time was to become fans of each other. Those words really touched me. Without accepting the strong points of each members and respecting each other, we can’t stay together for long. Respecting and loving that person as if we are fans. I believe we could stay together as long as Shinhwa if we do it that way. Nobody is perfect and everyone lacks in something some way or other but because we are a team we will correct and fill up the flaws.
Baro: I’m a fan of everyone seriously~ Everyone has different charms and their strong points are what I don’t have so even if I look at you just as a person and not as our member you guys are really cool.
B1A4 continued their talk. These boys don’t wish for many things. To just take care of each other like now. And to perform on stage for a long time for the fans who support such B1A4.
B1A4: We are thankful to our fans who give us overflowing love. We will work hard to become B1A4 who does not go against your anticipations. You’ll continue to love us right? B1A4 fighting! Even BANAs fighting! And fighting to all readers who read this article. Thank you for reading B1A4′s Star Column.
At first when I met them they had the looks of fresh boys, but I think the more you get to know them you realize that they are like an extract. Or that could just be my personal feeling. I hope they don’t lose what they have in their hearts right now and become singers who increase and develop.
Hello to all readers reading B1A4′s Star Column. This is B1A4!! How was the Star Column? We wanted to share our new side and honest stories which we never revealed before. These were the stories that we completed every episode after worrying and discussing together at our practicing room.
We are very sad for not being able to share all the stories that we wanted to share with you because of our lacking writing skills but we hope you guys enjoyed them. While writing for Star Column we got to think again about our minds that we had during our trainee days, thoughts about our members and thoughts on the team’s future. It was a very meaningful time for us.
If we get this opportunity again we will return with more enjoyable stories. And right now we are preparing for our new album and our first concert in December so please anticipate~ Thank you!!

Source: Naver News, GLYNX @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
Translation Credits: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.com


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